Sample Projects

Spotify Clone

Clone of Spotify's web client (still work-in-progress). Uses free-tier API with limited functionality - songs are limited to 30 second preview and some songs may not have preview at all.

Just like the original, my clone doesn't work on mobile :)

Technologies used: React, Redux, styled-components, JavaScript/TypeScript, Travis (CI/CD), AWS S3 (hosting).

Speedrun Challenge

This project was done as a part of a Speedrun Challenge I did a while ago.

Technologies used: React, SCSS, AWS EC2 (hosting).

The main objective of the Speedrun was (obviously) speed, but I managed to squeez in some TDD (e.g. Calculator project was completely written using TDD approach).

Also this was my first attempt to use D3 in a React project.

Each project is accompanied with a short Medium post.

You can see more of my code on GitHub