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Software developer

Front‑end developer (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React) who also knows his way around back‑end (my projects use some Node.js, a little Go and are hosted on AWS EC2).

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Spotify Clone


Clone of Spotify's web client (work-in-progress). Uses free-tier API with limited functionality - songs are limited to 30 second preview and some songs don't have preview at all.

Technologies used: React, Redux, SCSS, styled-components.

Just like original, my clone doesn't work on mobile :)

I started this project in May 2017 to test my React and Redux skills, but since then it has become a testbed for trying different stuff.

Currently I'm in the process of converting it to Typescript.

Speedrun Challenge


This project was done as a part of a Speedrun Challenge I did in early 2017.

Technologies used: React, SCSS.

The main objective of the Speedrun was (obviously) speed, but I managed to squeez in some TDD (e.g. Calculator project was completely written using TDD approach).

Also this was my first attempt to interate D3 into React projects.

Each project is accompanied with a short Medium post.

You can see more of my code on GitHub

About me

I'm an electronics technician turned software developer from Latvia, and I've been learning software development since mid-2016, mostly focusing on front-end, but I'm also familiar with Node.js and some Go. Also dabbled with Solidity.


In summer I like to ride my MTB and go hiking.


Periodically I post something insightful (not really) on Twitter and do some coding challenges on Codewars.